Rough Sawn Joinery


Gilmour and Aitken hand-pick only prime grade timbers in a wide range of lengths and sizes. Our timbers provide an exceptional base for dressing and we can offer expert advice on which products are suitable for your project. For more information on our range, please refer to our Rough Sawn Timber range below and download our stock sheet.

AGBA agba timber suppliers Gossweilerodendron balwsamiferum West Africa 510kg/m3 Low
WHITE ASH white ash suppliers Fraxinus excelsior North America 710kg/m3 Medium
BEECH square edge beech suppliers Gogus sylvatica European 720 kg/m3 Medium
BRAZILIAN CEDAR brazilian cedar suppliers Cedrela spp. Brazil 480kg/m3 Low
CHERRY cherry wood suppliers Prunus serotina American 580kg/m3 Medium
DOUGLAS FIR douglas fir suppliers Pseudotsuga menziesii N.America and UK 530kg/m3 Medium
HEMLOCK hemlock timber suppliers Tsuga heterophylla North America 590kg/m3 Medium
IDIGBO/ EMERY idigbo timber suppliers Terminalia ivorensis West Africa 560kg/m3 Low/Medium
IROKO iroko timber suppliers Milicia excelsa West Africa 660kg/m3 Low/Medium
AFRICAN MAHOGANY african mahogany suppliers Khaya spp West Africa 530kg/m3 Low/Medium
MAPLE maple timber suppliers Acer saccharum North American 740kg/m3 Medium
MAJAU majau timber suppliers Shorea spp Sabah 710kg/m3 Low
MERANTI miranti suppliers Shorea spp SE Asia 710kg/m3 Low
AMERICAN RED OAK american red oak suppliers Quercus rubra North America 790kg/m3 Med/High
WHITE OAK american white oak suppliers Quercus alba North America 770kg/m3 Med/High
EUROPEAN OAK european oak suppliers Quercus robur European 720kg/m3 Medium
PARANA PINE parana pine suppliers Araucaria angustifolia South America 550kg/m3 Medium
PITCH PINE pitch pine suppliers pinus caribaea Honduras 675kg/m3 Medium
SAPELE sapele timber suppliers Entandrophragma cylindricum Cameroon 640kg/m3 Medium
TEAK teak suppliers Tectona grandis Burma, Thailand 660kg/m3 Low
TULIPWOOD tulipwood suppliers liriodendron tulipifera North America 510kg/m3 Medium
UTILE utile suppliers Entandrophragma utile West Africa 660kg/m3 Low/Medium
BLACK WALNUT black walnut timber suppliers Juglans nigra American 660kg/m3 Medium
WESTERN RED CEDAR western red cedar suppliers Thuja plicata North America 390kg/m3 Medium
SOUTHERN YELLOW PINE southern yellow pine Pinus palustris North America 450kg/m3 Medium
QUEBEC PINE quebec pine Pinus strobus North America 390kg/m3 Low/Medium