As well as invaluble timber advice which we offer to our customers, we also have a series of operational additional services which can be built into jobs.

Value Add Heavy Timbers:

  • Pointing,
  • Chamfering,
  • Ring & Shoeing,
  • Precision Drilling,
  • Metalwork in Timbers,
  • Assembly of timber sections.
  • Planing
  • Cut to specification sizing
  • Bespoke Profiling (Under 100m lengths will incur additional cost)
  • Non standard size log cutting (wide / long)

Please contact our sales team on: or 01389 752 333 for a quote or more information


Bespoke Cutting:

Everything in the yard is cut to order.  We are able to take extra large and extra long logs.  Anything unusual, our mill can normally handle and cut to order.  We can work with local estate to assess commercial tree stock.